Official Remix Discography:

Takovac – Girl Of My Dreams (Slighter Remix – Forthcoming on Lynx Records!
Kleindea – Frozen (Slighter Remix) – Forthcoming on Polytechnic Recordings!

Thee-O & Erin Powers – Theme Of Regret (Slighter Remixes)System Recordings 2012
Inkfish – How Can I Believe (Slighter’s Non-Believer Remix)Inkfish Recordings 2012
K-Pax – Inspiration (Slighter’s Tech Remix)Polytechnic Recordings 2012
Derrick Howell – Outrageous Contagious (Slighter Remix)Polytechnic Recordings 2009
Derrick Howell – Turn The Lights Down Low (Slighter Remix)Polytechnic Recordings 2009
Phrakture – Dreamscapes (Slighter Remix)Polytechnic Recordings 2009
Jerome Robins – Escape (Slighter Remix)Polytechnic Recordings 2008
T-Lectual – Shrink Interrupted (Slighter Remix)Polytechnic Recordings 2008
Eoghan Harron – Proton (Deeptone* Vs Slighter Remix) – Heavy Rotation Recordings 2007   [Out Of Print]
Distant Fragment – Luminous Clouds (Slighter Remix)Morphosis Records 2007
Impulse Vs Cement – System (Slighter’s Downgrade Remix) – Red Circle Music 2006   [Out Of Print]
Eve Falcon & Desert Sol – Know It All (Deeptone* Vs Slighter Remix)Cyber Recordings 2006
Leonine – Drugs (Slighter Remix) – CDr

*Deeptone was also an alias used by Colin C. (from 2004-2007) before creating Slighter.

Unofficial & Bootleg Remixes available bellow: