Spring Updates 2013


Hey all! With the last month of Spring upon us, I wanted to quickly update you with some of the latest Slighter news:

First up, a brand new Slighter T-Shirt is available over at my Spreadshirt shop! This new T comes in both men’s and women’s sizes, in various colors, and features a clean vertical Slighter Logo! For a limited time, these are going for only $15! Over the Summer we will be overhauling the merch line, and will have a handful of new designs coming… stay tuned!

Come visit the shop and grab some cool Slighter wares today! Your support means a lot to me!


Next order of business to report, the “Adjustments” remix compilations will come to an end on June 10th.  I’m discontinuing these to make room for new material to come in 2013 and beyond. I created the first volume in 2011 to collect up a lot of my unreleased bootlegs and forgotten remixes and get them out into the world, with Volume 2 continuing this in a convenient format. People enjoyed them, and I’m grateful for the support!

With Bandcamp limiting the amount of free downloads it provides artists now, I need the “room” to focus more on facilitating new, original free music. In other words, I need to make these limited free downloads count. I’ve all ready got a few ideas on how I’m going to be releasing some new original stuff (without an label) for free for you guys, and I want to continue to push things forward… sometimes that means letting go of the past.

If you haven’t grabbed these remix albums, now is the time! Visit the Bandcamp “store” here and make sure and check out the “Extra Junk” EP and “Blink” while you are there!

I’ve only got one more remix to clear off my plate before I dive head first into conceptualizing and recording the next full length album in June, so expect things to get a bit quiet around here for a bit while I get to work!

Thanks for checking in,


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