The Forgotten EP Now Available!


Excited to be able to bring this new bit of Drum and Bass to you all! “The Forgotten” is a dark and brooding affair that I have been sitting on for a few months, unsure of what to do with it. When I cut it from the new album’s track list, only due to wanting to make more “uplifting” cuts for the new record, I knew I still had to do something special with it.

Cue my good friend, Brad Brunet aka Atek. Brad was one of the biggest influences on me to get out of my “breaks rut” and into the world of Drum and Bass, so I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to let remix this! Brad took the signature Slighter feel and made a proper cut-up, drum heavy remix for this EP that I couldn’t be more happier with! Big ups to Brad!

“The Forgotten” is presented a 3 track EP that you can get via my Bandcamp page, and yes! This is a “name your price” release, so go ahead and enter “0″ if you are strapped for cash. We just want you to have it!



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